Critical and radical design for a world without capitalism and ecocide

March 12 2014

The Guardians of Mother Earth

The army of Dionysis is here to help Mother Earth battle her biggest threat ever, the animal called humans. In these nihilistic times only super creatures can wipe out the enemy - the 1 percenters that kill Mother Earth with greed and the unstoppable desire for more. With their wealth bigger than countries they buy an army. But no money can buy a soldier that can withstand the force of Dionysis. The battle is fierce but in the end Love wins. The love for Mother Earth. From the ashes of destruction the animals and the plants of Mother Earth unites. We are all the same. Let us live together in peace forever...

January 22 2014

Civil Disobedience

In the shadows of the night we spread the word of resistance. Our mark in society infiltrate your mind. Slowly you wake up. With clear eyes you see the world as it is - not how corporate propaganda want you to see it. Together we change the world. Together we save Mother Earth...

January 7 2014

Moss of resistance

Let the flowers of love revolt against the nationalist state. Let the fungus of empathy uprise against the greed of wallstreet. Let the moss of resistance lead our way towards the utopia of tomorrow.

January 6 2014

Radical orchids

Radical change is a must if our planet will be able to support our future ecosystem. Mother earth will need an army of love. An army of change. People of resistance opposing the contemporary life of greed and consumption. Zombies - wake up from your television induced coma. Get out in the streets and show the dictators of wallstreet that the moment of change has come.

January 3 2014

Mother earth - fixed

Redesigned original concept. Much better, stronger, more visual. Often necessity is your best ally in the creative process. Mother Earth keeps it all together in the hopefully everlasting ecosystem our planet host. My definition of sustainability isn't only the prosperity of natural life forever on our planet. It also include sustainable relations among the human race. World peace, end of hunger, end of greed, end of power concentration. Let ALL humans prosper. Let ALL life prosper forever.

January 2 2014

Mother earth - square

The opposing collaboration between the organic nature and the urban streets.

January 1 2014

Mother earth - organic

A more organic feel to it. Not as strong, but more spongeee more fungus - more life.

December 31 2013

Mother earth

Fight for the future! Disobey for our kids. Refuse the epidemic of consumer frenzy. Protest for a world without fossil fuel. Protect our planet from the wallstreet criminals. We are in this together...

Edit January 1 2014: Found out this is a bit to similar to the logo of the band Trash Talk. Let's redesign...

December 17 2013

Live free or die - the sun

December 13 2013

Live free or die - tree

Do you live your life free or are you a prisoner in the selfish consumer society that has lost contact with Mother Earth? Taking a walk in the forest is the moment I feel the most free. The scent, the sound, the tranquillity, the feeling of soft soil, moss and leafs under my feets. Nature reconnects my soul with our planet. I'm home.

Live free
or die

December 5 2013

Live free or die - anarchy

December 29 2012

Design is dead - what's next? post design?

Design has become a simple styling and marketing gadget for greedy executives and business people. Thou the essence of design is mass production, mass consumption and commercialism has eroded the meaningfulness of design. Shops sell shit design goods to the masses. Goods with as little soul as the litter it will soon become at the city dump. As I see it, the biggest problem with design is that it has lost life. In the pursuit of the perfect surface life is lost.

So if mass produced design is dead what will follow? Could it be craft and decorative art? And could this be the era of post design? An era with love and life? Let us turn this sorry excuse for society to something beautiful and meaningful. Let our life prosper.

September 19 2012

Layered design problems in CMYK

Design has become a marketing gadget. Design poison our minds and our planet. Slowly we consume ourself and our habitat to death

September 17 2012

The dying planet

The dying planet poster but with more powerful colours

September 16 2012

Sustainability is...

Sustainability is THE shit

June 3 2012

We live on a dying planet

A poster I've been working on lately

June 2 2012

Can design be part of the solution?

Design has been reduced to a simple marketing gadget. A gadget who flood the world with useless and meaningless products. All in the name of greed, mass consumtion and mass destruction.

How can we change this?

Let design once more be a meaningful tool for the better world.